Hey, it's just a conversation.

Relax. We're just talking here. There is no right or wrong perspective on the myriad of subjects we'll discuss. But we think it is imperative to keep the conversation going. Individuals build a community and ideals are bound to clash. Healthy debates are encouraged; personal attacks show only a lack of creativity in forming an intelligent response. We hold ourselves to a higher standard, allowing the audience to decide for themselves what is worth digging into and what to leave on the wayside.


Bring an open mind and check your triggers at the door.

Now that's what I'm talking about...

Drowning in the mainstream, drip feed media? It's time to exit the Hive Mind and join the conversation.

Exercise the power of detached discernment and let the fa├žade of offended perception fall away.

Check out HIJAC's archives for in depth interviews, cultural insight and the intriguing evolution of thought and experience in the extra-terrestrial realms. 

Document adventures in back yard gardening, up-cycling & preparedness. Anything one can teach ... another wants to learn. Original Works Only Please. All submissions subject to review but remain the sole property of the creator.
Thesis & Theorum - Scientific & Investigative Articles may be submitted for publishing with proper citation and current resource links pertaining to each document's topic. Categorized by length, subject and linked to an open forum of discussion, these original works remain the sole property of the author.